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[Request] Faction reset mod


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While using several mods which modify faction relations (SD+, Defeat, etc), it regularly happens that a normally enemy faction will stuck in Friendly state. So even after the mod ran its course, the faction will not go back to its original state.


For example in my current game Bandits, Vampires and Forsworn are all friendly and I can't do anything to change that. I tried reset the mods, tried "player.addfac xxxxxx -1" but nothing seems to work.


It would be awesome, if there would be a mod which would enable the player to reset the vanilla faction relations to its original value. Or even better, it would enable the player to set them to enemy (I would not allow to set them friendly).


Ideally all factions would be listed in groups, like all bandit factions, all Forsworn factions, etc.


I would also like a solution where the mod would scan the targeted/nearby NPCs and would enable the reset on those factions only.


I'm not sure if this mod is possible, but it would be a great help to a lot of f***ed up savegames, I'm sure of it. :)




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