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Invisibility Magic Effect: Mod to remove interruption?


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Hello LL! I'm making a new character (Think Mass Effect's Kasumi, in Skyrim) and I'm looking for an invisibility spell mod that doesn't get interrupted when interacting with the world.


Failing that, meh, I'll just grab some invisibility cheat lesser power with no cooldown.

Maybe a slow-time spell or two.



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well, I could upload a version of my "invis" spell, but i'd have to finish separating it from the mod I'd been working on it in.

essentially, it just has a short cooldown after interacting, and other stuff.

as for your original request: No. It's not really possible to make it that way with the invis archetype. You'd have to make a scripted invis spell instead of using the invis archetype, which is a pain and conflicts. My method is just to periodically cast a spell on the player...that spell checks if you have the effect already, are invisible, have keywords, etc. wont apply if you do, which...was to prevent an annoying flicker spam.

I'll probably look at it. if I do end up posting it, it'll be on the nexus and i'll provide a link to there. keep in mind, it'll be more of a resource than anything else, and pretty much no support since I've mostly stopped playing skyrim lately. Just let me know if you want it.

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Maybe this will fit?

Vyrthur's Ring of Sustained Invisibility @ http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59367/?
Makes player invisible while sneaking (no matter what you do).


I haven't tried it myself yet, but I like its script  :) 



Scriptname VyrthursLegacyInvisibilityEffect extends activemagiceffect  
{Vyrthurs Legacy - Invisibility effect}

Sound  Property MAGAlterationInvisibilityIn  Auto 
Sound  Property MAGAlterationInvisibilityOut  Auto 

Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
	if(Game.GetPlayer() == akTarget)
		akTarget.SetAlpha(0.1, abFade = true)

Event OnEffectFinish(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
	if(Game.GetPlayer() == akTarget)
		akTarget.SetActorValue("Invisibility", 0)
		akTarget.SetAlpha(1, abFade = true)



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