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Hiyoko Creature Generator question (and MCS)


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So, whenever I have a child that's a creature (say, from a wolf/dog or from a goblin, or pretty much whenever), it follows me, until I zone/quick travel/whatever.


When I try to use Mad Companionship Spells on it to order "follow", I get in one of the info boxes, behind it's name "temporal actor", and in the info text across the top of my screen something like "(name) set to follow (maybe temporarily)".


I'm wondering how to make these children permanent followers (MCS allows me to check their inventory and the like, but when I order them to "do" something like follow, wait, do free, they don't show up in the MCS companion list at all - they never get entered).


I haven't really found any info on "temporal actor" on the web, so wondering if a better term could be used for a search, or if this a scripting thing (I'm familiar enough with scripting to, say, change the base race of the humanoid children Hiyoko Generator creates, for example).

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NPC has the individual code that can be identified excluding the person who attaches the SPAWN attribute.

However, the same identification code is used many times as for NPC that adheres the SPAWN attribute.

For this, which NPC it is cannot be specified.

Moreover, CREATURE's similarly having the same identification code two or more exists.

Therefore, it is treated as Temporal Actor.


HIYOKO is done and parents are done to the follow by very easy processing.

Something specified is prepared for AI to follow in the system of Oblivion.

Similar can be achieved only by setting to set some conditions, and to always execute the AI.

It is necessary to note it because some problems occur if MOD that changes some AI acts at the same time because MCS also similarly changes AI.

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