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Devius Device - Hand Mittens (idea for mod)


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Devious Device: Hand mitten


Forces the hands of the character in a fist and covers them. Can be locked on the wrist. It can be made out of all kinds of materials.


Basic Effects

  • The character can only fight unarmed style. Metal ones may have decent damage.
  • The character can't equip or unequip anything. She must play in the outfit she is currently wearing. NPCs of course can change that. :)
  • The character can't eat or drink. Of course NPCs can "help" with that too.
  • The character must get help to unlock the mittens.
  • The character can't pick locks/pockets or disable traps. Of course the character can't open other restrains/belts as well.
  • Crafting Potions/Scrolls and Enchanting items is also disabled

Picking up/throwing away items, opening doors, riding, etc is allowed.



Advanced/rare effects


Some of the mittens are magically enchanted (cursed) and provide other interesting effects. The number of special effects can be controlled in the Options.

  • The character can't cast spells. (Thuums are still allowed) This can be more detailed by making it block only specific schools or just making the mana requirement higher.
  • Light/noise. The mitten always shines. Handy in darkness, not so cool in enemy territory. Or makes some noise periodically. The mitten may have one or both effect simultaneously.
  • Self damage. Damages one or more important statistics when an enemy is hit. These can be controlled in the Options as well.
  • Heavy: It weights a lot. It is a magical weight, so it counts even if the character is experienced in wearing restraints (experienced slave perk).
  • Striptease: Every successful hit removes a piece of clothing or armor from the target. These mittens are usually used in special catfight arenas.
  •  Extra lock: The mittens can be locked together behind the wearer. Needs 2 keys to remove (1st it has to be disconnected).


Well, this is the basic idea, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to make the graphical element, but it would still require a kickass modder to do all the effects.




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as for as i no could a basic mitten idea be achieved by having a glove model like the newer rubber gloves and restrictive gloves that has a ball hand that when worn also takes up both dual welding slots? when someone tries to equip a weapon they get a message saying something like:


(you try to grip the weapon but due to the gloves your wearing even with you just cant keep hold of it)


and since it use's the weapon slot it would obviosly prevent you from using magic but alow shouts. honestly on the serfice it seems to simple to have not already have been thought of and that theres a big complication but maybe not and that it realy is that no one thought of it? heres hoping

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