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Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed - MP


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It may be a long-shot, but...does anyone here have Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed? I'm honestly just looking for someone to race against online who's not hacking the game.



I played in 2 matches, and both times the winner cheated his ass off. The first time, in a regular race, 3 out of 4 people "Timed Out" (ran out of time?). The guy in first passed the finish line before any of us could complete a lap.


Someone wanna play? No cheating? It's a shame I have to start a thread asking people not to cheat. :-/ I just wanna play the damn game and race online fair & square. I suppose there's an achievement for winning a race online? At this rate, I'd never be able to get it. Can't beat those who cheat.


Anyway, if people here play, and are tired of hackers (especially in a racing game), lemme know, and we can get a real race going. I want to race, and maybe win, if I do well enough. You know?



Ryu Hazuki, of the Hazuki Dojo in Yamanose...awaits your challenge.



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Guest Kavasiki

I have the game on PC and Xbox 360, regardless if which platform you can add me (same username there as here). Although I have not touch the game in a year or so and I rarely play racing games. You might get lucky and I feel like playing it sometime. :P

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Good enough! Better than I thought I'd get here! :) As I said, it was a shot in the dark, but I play and play, and out of a full group, there tends to be at least one hacker, dominating the competition. It sucks being 3 miles behind first place all the time.


Btw I have it on PC only. Haven't seen anyone voice-chatting. Does voice-chat...work? Saw like 20 people with headphones turned on, but no one talking.

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