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SkyRe,Reproccer,sexlab and MS visual c++ runtime


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In my experience these things do NOT play well together. Iv only recently started adding more armors to my game, and i wanted to make them fit better into SkyRe so i got the seperate Reproccer(one that requires java) When i click on Reproccer.esp it has soooo many dependencies its rediculous!! Why is it adding esp requirments that arent even armor if i tell it to only patch armor.


anyhoo I loaded up skyrim and about 85.532% of the times a sexlab animation is about to start i CTD and get the microsoft visual C++ runtime error.

It works fine with just SkyRe and the vanilla armors though.


Guess im just wondering if anyone plays with all these things just fine and what are your PC specs? Im running a pretty old system with these specs

I7-2600 3.40ghz

8 gigs Ram

Nvidia 750ti graphics card 2g video mem


Guess i can either go back to skyre with vanilla armor (and immersive armor since it comes with its own skyre patch)

or vanilla with cool/sexy armor.


Sorry for the unorganized post! Im just ranting and wanna hear if anyone has idea.

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I never had issues with sexlab, reproccesser, custom armors my guess is there's something else going on heck other than your vid card your pc kicks mines ass. Now im not saying I dont get the occasional runtime error but for me its more like 1-100  times and its not usually even a sex event that causes it.

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Use SUM to run it for more memory use and also use the block list in reproccer to block unwanted esps maybe?


I'm running reproccer, Lootification, Perma Wintermyst, Staffmachine and ASIS. using  400+ mods with merged esps for the 255 limit with no huge issues through SUM (did not use merge option in SUM tho).


Also: if using prison overhaul, reproccer does not like some of the arrows in that one.

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Why is it adding esp requirments that arent even armor if i tell it to only patch armor.


better name rename outfits, reprocer change value of these outfits, better name is in the reprocer



and the only way to get rid of ctd is to clean your papyrus log

mod a alone no problem, mod b alone no problem, but having both can crash your game

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From the SKSE thread about the runtime error:


Unfortunately I probably won't be able to get further than the original analysis (the game is accessing a metadata structure created from a package after it has been destroyed) without spending more time than I have right now. It might be possible to get further by adding code to log creation/deletion of these objects along with their stack traces, but even with that information, fixing it would be difficult.


There is even a voodoo workaround that probably won't work for you.  Can we please stop blaming modders for Bethesda's flaky game engine?

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