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I have LAL alternate starts, and having started one as "Left for Dead", in the first minute I ran into silliness.  This start leaves you with just the clothes on your back.


Having heard a pissed off mammoth trumpeting or whatever they do from my right, I headed off to see what there was to see.  As I approached a large rock, I noticed someone cowering on my side, while the mammoth sounds came from the other.  Approaching, it's somebody-or-other, but they aren't taking.  No problem, I head over the rock and see someone with a bow, immediately thinking "Oh good, bows are my favorite weapons and here's one for the taking as soon as this person gets their arse handed to them by this mammoth". 


Welll, sorta.  Sure enough, arse handing occurred, quite rapidly I might add, but they went to the crouched "Essential in defeated mode" stance.  Huh?  Wait a minute, I know that person with the bow!  Sure enough, only one person in the game with green stripes on their face.  Hi Aela.  What are you doing hunting?  I know you're for hirearrow-10x10.png, but I kinda thought hunting was beneath you.  Then I recognized the other female.  Don't know her name, but she's also a Companion.  Still no clue who the guy behind the rock was, but it was clear that the companions had sent out a hunting party that had bitten off far more than they'd bargained for.  It was rather funny to watch them get up and go right back into it with this mammoth, only to have exactly the same result - being knocked on their hindparts in one swift kick from the mammoth.

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