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Punishment Hood mod vision + other ideas


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Hi all,

this is my 1st post here. I only recently found this treasure throve of modsite and I'm very impressed by the quality of the mods here.

I have a few ideas which I didn't see yet in any mod. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought about these and I have no idea how hard it is to implement them (if possible at all). If these ideas already exist in some mod, please gimme sauce. :)

I experimented with SexLab/DD mostly. Here are some ideas to improve on the already fantastic mods:



New mod idea: Devious Devices: Punishment Hood

A hood made out of leather or metal (or glass, etc). Covers the whole head and a portion of the neck. Goes under collar if it is present. Hair should be removed when equipping to avoid clipping. Probably the ear too (if it is possible at all). the function of the hood is to be base of several other devices, including gag, blindfold and a new item, the earplug. The player can be punished by the hood several ways, similarly to the Cursed Loot items.

I also added a few ideas about existing devices, mostly new gameplay elements about their working.

Hood specifications

There are a lot of different variations. A hood is built up from 4 parts, the hood, the gag, the blindfold and the earplug. Each of these element can have different properties and effects on the player. As you will see I visioned several new elements for each device.

According to my vision there should be a few hoods which consist every accessory, these are the Full hoods. All the rest should be pieced together from parts, similarly like the chastity belt and the plugs.

Hood variants

The most important thing about the hood is that how much accessories can it take. These are basically the "holes" on the hood, namely at the eyes, mouth and ears. According to this, there are 8 basic hoods:

Type1: Full Closed, no holes
Type2: Full open, 3 holes (eye, mouth, ear)
Type3: Eye open, mouth closed, ear closed
Type4: Eye open, mouth open, ear closed

Closed means there is no slot to attach accessories there. Still, the hood itself may have a built-in attachments on those closed slots (for example there is no mouth opening, but there is a gag inside).

When the player finds a hood, it is a series of random rolls:
- material/set
- quality
- number of open slots if any/which ones
- is there something on the closed slots?
- what is it, is it locked

- etc.

Each accessory can have 1 or more punishing sequence. When the character misbehaves, the game randomly chooses 1 punishment from the available ones and applies it.

Hood features


Lock on neck

The hood comes with or without lock on neck. This is the main lock on the device, the hood only can be removed by opening it.

Extra feature: If there is no lock on the neck but it is equipped and the character is being used by others, the NPC may add a lock to it.

Blindfold options

No blindfold
The PC can see without any limitation. Rare. NPCs may attach a separate one, this can be any blindfold in the DD library.

Built-in blindfold
There are several variations possible.
- regular blindfold (the ones used by the current mods). This appears by not having any attachment on the hood, basically the hood has no holes for the eyes.
- colored lens. The game applies a color filter when in 1st person view. Can be any color.
- magic lens. Distorted effects in 1st person view. Go crazy with these modders. :)
- limited vision. The PC has to look through a bunch of small holes,  thin slits, etc.
- a combination of the colored/magic lens and limited vision.
Detachable blindfold
A blindfold which fits the graphical outlook of the hood. It has the same effects as the builtin ones. With or without a lock, NPCs may add a lock to equipped lockless ones (in the usual situations).

The separate blindfold can be unlocked and unequipped while still wearing the hood. Or this can work like the double gag  in Cursed loots, it can be opened only temporarily, then after a while it locks itself back.



Punishment 1: Gradual darkening. Most noticeable on blindfolds which enable some sight. The world starts to darken slowly but surely until it is pitch black. To stop this the player has to comply with whatever request she is supposed to do. Then the blindfold gradually goes back to the original state (about twice as fast as the darkening).

Punishment 2: Brightness. It is the same as the darkening, except here everything becomes lighter, until everything is white.

Punishment 3: Flashbang. A sudden strong light, like a Magelight right in front of the player. It goes away at once, but keeps
returning at short random intervals until the player complies.

Punishment 4: Eye sting. The blindfold stings the eyes of the player. Small HP loss, movement stop, maybe unique animation (hands at eyes, suffering). In 1st person there is a new filter which blocks most of the view for several seconds then slowly fades away. This keeps repeating until the character complies.

Punishment 5: Shut eye. The blindfold magically forces the eye shut. Complete darkness at once.

Gag options

No gag, no mouth hole(closed).
The hood has no opening for the mouth, but there is no gag either. The player can communicate normally (I don't know if thuums should be allowed though). The player can' be gagged while wearing a hood like this only if the hood is removable (unlocked).

The NPC should remove the hood, add the gag, put the hood back on.  There can be an exception to this rule in the options, similarly to the one which allows plugs inserted while weating a chastity belt.  Oral animations should also be disabled while wearing this.

No gag, open at mouth.
The hood can have several graphical designs how the open mouth looks like. NPC may attach any gag to this.

Built-in gags
These gags are part of the hood, they are not removable. They work like regular gags. Built-in panel gags may have lockable removable parts.

Detachable gag
These gags come as set with the hood, with the same design/material. They can be separately locked on. As before, there are separate gags without locks, but NPCs may add a lock to it.


Punishment 1: Inflation. The gag inflates, going down the throat. This causes gagging and throwing up (the throwing up animation w/o the delivered goods, since she is gagged). Gagging noises. Characters with high oral skills may ignore this punishment.

Punishment 2: Stretch The gag stretching the mouth open painfully. Gradual HP loss. Stop movement, character touching her mouth and struggling anim.

Punishment 3: Tighten. The straps begin to tighten on the head of the character, causing pain. Similar to Punishment 2, just different flavor text.

Punishment 4: The offender. The gag start to talk by itself, offending anyone nearby. The character suffers negative relation with anyone who hears it. Also, makes sneaking quite impossible, since the enemies will hear it. The gag says a lot of oneliners, a lot of them for offending NPCs, a lot of them offending the character and some general ones to get the attention of monsters.

Ear options

New Devious Device: Earplug

These are small, noise cancelling items, pushed into the ear (so no big headphone like monstrosities). While wearing an earplug, the character's hearing is limited. Game music is switched off and every other outside noise might become inaudible. The only noises the player can hear properly are her own (voice effects, footsteps, spells, etc).

Each earplug has a noise cancelling factor. This number shows how far the character can hear. For example if a plug has 3 meter factor, then he can hear everyone who is very close to her (within 3 meters). The 3 meters will be more problematic when she is outside in the wilderness, because she won't hear the enemy closing in on her.

The real good ones has a factor of -1, making the character effectively deaf. This also means, that the text messages are
unreadable (the voiced character's subtitles should be switched off too). There should be a talking system which is kind of  opposite to the gag talking, so the NPCs have inaudible lines. (this area is quite problematic though, because there are too many factors, for example what if the character is also gagged and bound, so she can't even talk, mime or write). Then there is the problem with quest progressions as well. Probably the main quest NPCs should always be heard to avoid major problems.

Slider in the options: Earplug severity modifier, in meters. Increases/decreases the effectiveness of earplugs. Make the lightest of the earplug deafening or make the good ones more forgiving. This option should be inaccessible when a character is wearing an earplug.

Additional effects: Earplugs can be magical with various effects. For example they can whisper nasty things to the player, increasing the arousal buildup. Or play a scary, loud effect sometimes. )  Or some annoying sound effect.. The player should be able to disable these in the options though ( i mean, the annoying parts of the effects, for example if you don't like to be scared, you should be able to switch it off, but the character should still suffer the consequences (by losing Stamina from the scare or something).

New spell: Mindtalk
If the character is able to use this spell, he can hear the target NPC normally. Some earplugs may prevent the player from using this spell. There might be some other restriction to use the spell, like required level in a magic school, ability to speak (no gag), ability to gesture (no armbinder), etc. The target of the spell might get scared from the sudden voice in his/her mind and react somehow (calls guards, attacks, runs away, these are just some basic ideas, reactions probably should be less punishing).

I don't know how hard is to mod the sounds to be not heard from a distance (or if it is even possible), but I think this would be a really immersive experience.

Earplugs in Hoods

No earplugs, closed hood.
The PC can hear normally.

No earplug, open at ears ((this might not be the best idea, ear clipping warning)
The PC can hear normally. NPCs may insert and lock in an earplug.

Built-in earplugs
The player can't hear properly. See above.

Detachable earplugs
The hood comes with a separate earplug option, and this also means, that the hood is open at ears.. With or without a lock. As always, NPCs may add a lock to lockless ones.

The open ear hood variant is required to use/exchange the new DD items, the earplug. Without the hood the earplugs can't be locked on the character.


Punishment 1: Deafness. If the character did still hear something she will lose that ability gradually. When she complies with the task, she will get back the hearing gradually as well.

Punishment 2: Monotonous noise. Just some basic, not so loud, looping noise, like a centrifuge or something. I don't think it would be a good idea to use a loud noise. It will be more than annoying even with a normal volume but continuous noise. It will definitely make hearing things harder.


Breathing holes
This feature is important only on fully closed hoods. There can be an argument what counts as a fully closed hood - I would say a hood with no holes or accessories which fill the holes. For example a ball gag does not fill a hole perfectly, the character can still breath around it. A panel gag may count as a hole filler. The best would be to let the player decide what counts as closed in the options.

Anyway, with the punishment hood it is an important factor how easily the character can breathe. Even on the strictest hoods, there are at least 2 small holes at the nose for breathing. That is enough for the character to breath normally. Option: Closed hoods increase Stamina usage and/or Regeneration with a slider defining by how much. It should be a minor percentage/number.

However, since this is a punishment hood, we can add a few fun options.

Punishment 1: Lack of air. The breathing holes close up and the player starts to suffocate. The player must do what she is
supposed to do (like removing armor, etc), or she loses consciousness. (a few seconds of black screen). The suffocating is timer based, the player has 30sec-2 mins to do what she were told (she should be reminded to do it in every 10 seconds).  During this time the screens gradually darkens, especially at the edges of the screen, indicating the loss of oxigen. There should be heavy, labored breathing sound effects as well. It would be cool to have an animation as well as she is desperately trying to do something with the hood. Also raises arousal.

After she comes around the effect restarts again until she complies (or a different punishment starts).

Punishment 2: Drowning. The hood closes the breath holes and fills up with water. The player starts drowning with the regular
underwater rules. Water breathing spells/items may work to counter this. The rules are the same as with suffocation, the player has to comply with whatever the requirement was before her HP reaches 0. At zero she loses consciousness (or there might be more hardcore endings in the options as well).

This can use the same animation as Punishment 1, but only if the player is actually losing HP (for example it would not be entirely convincing is the player has a water breathing item equipped and she suffer no damage at all). There should be some drowning sound effect too (again, only if the player loses HP).

Removing the hood

1st of all, the player has her hands free to attempt it, but that goes without saying.

It is more complicated than anyone would think at 1st, there are several factors in play. The hood can have several locks on it:
- Neck lock, the main lock of the hood
- Blindfold lock
- Gag lock (might be 2!)
- Earplug lock
- Collar lock if present and enabled

Option: Hood goes under collar. Yes/No Default: Yes.

This means that if there is a collar on the player as well, she has to remove that 1st. So even if the hood is not locked on, she might not be able to remove it because of the collar.

No/open collar AND No/Open neck lock on the hood
The hood can be unequipped without any problem.

Locked Neck

Normal hood (non magical)
Unlock the Neck lock to unequip.

Magical hood
Unlock all present locks before unlocking the neck lock. If she fails at any lock, She is punished in some way and there is also a time period until she can try it next.

Time between attempts: Min 12 hours, Max 300 hours. Default: 24 hours
Penalty for failed attempts: I'm not sure yet what kind of penalty this should be. It can be a lot of things, like even more time,
increased chance for breaking the key in the next attempt, chance for losing the key in the next attempt, increased chance for jamming the lock in the next attempt, automatic difficulty increase for keyless opening attempts, etc. Probably all these and then some, but there should be a No penalty setting as well.

If she manages to open all locks (neck lock must be the last!), she can unequip the hood.

Full magical hood
This is a special item, every accessory is always installed on it, but always only the 1 lock versions (so no panel gag with
separately removable center for example). The removal is similar to the magical hoods, the player has to remove all the locks before she can remove the neck lock. There is a catch though. With the full magical hood, she has to unlock them in a sequence, which she doesn't know.

For example she tries the earplug 1st and fails. She is punished in some way and there is also a time period until se can try it next. Next time she tries the gag 1st and she is successful. She tries again the earplug, but fails again, punishment, gag goes back again. At least she knows which is the 1st now.

Forcing it off
The difficulty of doing that depends on the quality and materials of the hood. Some hoods are inescapable without key.

Leather hoods
These are usually closed by lacings. Anyone can cut it off (if they are willing to). Relatively low difficulty, however there are very strong ones as well.

Metal hoods
These can present real problem to anyone. Blacksmiths may be able to remove them, depending on their skill level and willingness. This of course includes the player as well, but he has penalty, since he can't really see what he is doing.

Magical hoods
If the hood is magical too, then some magic people might have a chance with tem as well. This of course includes the player as well.

The price of failure
The difficulty of removing the hood increases temporarily with each attempt. Attempt is when an NPC agreed to remove something, but fails the roll. (i'm not sure if this is how the removal works in the mods atm)

Penalty for failed attempts 1: Min: 10% Max 50% increase of difficulty. Default: 20%
Penalty for failed attempts 2: For Min: 0 Max 48 hours. Default: 12 hours

The time is counted from the last attempt.

Well, this is it for now, it became too long already. It would be nice if some kickass modders would see some promise in this mod vision. I know it is a quite big mod, it would require new models, animations, sound effects, visual effects, etc to make it properly, but still, all mods started somewhere. :)

Any constructive feedback is welcomed.


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