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[REQ] Oblivion: 4 adorable outfits - Amy, Kirin & more


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Due to the lack of my skills in nifskope/blender I ask the communitiy to convert these absolutely beautiful armors from Oblivion to Skyrim!



I'm quite sure everybody knows those outfits....



I personally would prefer the UNP Body, as I prefer skinny characters!



--> If you click the name of the armor you'll be redirected to the referring DL on TESNexus



1. Amy Armor






2. Kirin Armor






3. Ayumi Armor






4. Lingerie Set







Maybe someone knows the author and can ask for a conversion or has the skills himself to do it.


He'll be my personal hero then :blush:


Huge THX




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I really hope someone with the right skills does these armors as well, I know teh Kirin armor from monster hunter is one of my favorite armors of all time, and it's one of the only outfits I excessively used in oblivion. I would love to have mah sexy Kirin armor back in skyrim... if only I knew how to do anything mod related... _._

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I'm pretty sure all of those are made by KURESE (NPR). And looks like the big guy himself started to convert his Oblivion outfits to Skyrim. See my point? :)

That lingerie set tho...not gonna happen any time soon me thinks. Things like that - they have to be remade. Only textures are useful. Meshes have to be redone - they are made from the body itself for better looks/performance. I was looking at that lingerie just the other day..damn, was my favorite in Oblivion days. Most of KURESE stuff is always my favorite.

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Please port the Kirin armor' date=' the one in ank castle is a incomplete port.



Please tell me what you're talking about! Ank castle? Never heard of that before (maybe I'm living beyond the moon)...


There IS a port? Even an incomplete one is better than nothing, I think!


Do you have a link to it? - Please share with us!






---> Nevermind, I found it myself...


Here's the link:




Unfortunately I don't like the body used for the outfits (the hips and waist look so, errrrm, barbie-like), I prefer UNP, but it's better than nothing!

Hopefully I'll be able to get it installed without crashes as my rig is not the latest and many people have reported problems. I'll give it a try...

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