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CreationKit and ECE premade followers


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Hey guys I'm having quite a bit of a difficulty here. I'm using a follower that I downloaded off the internet that was vertex edited with ECE(I don't use ECE though), but I want to apply another hair on that character, and every time I do and I save the file, the head was 'reset', it was using one of the normal preset. Is there any way to help this?



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I don't know how are you trying that, so I'm not sure if this will solve your problem, but you can try it with NifMerge.


(First at all, use a copy of both for a safe operation, anyways)


1. Just create a totally new npc with the hair that you want using CK. Don't mind his/her appearance, just only the hair.

2. Export it via ctrl+F4.

3. Now, on your new character, set the .nif and .tri files for the new hair and hairline in CK (Object Window > Character > HeadParts), and save the plugin.

3. Use NifMerge to pass the hair in the newly created nif to the one of your character.


Don't forget to use NifScope to set properly the hair textures, after you made the merge.


Maybe you've already try this method, and I don't know much about modding (you probably know much more than I do), but is the only way I know.


Hope that will help you

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