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CK : quest and scripts questions


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Hi everybody


In attempt to continue my mod, i will need help for scripting.


In fact, i want to made a special quest :

1 : take the quest (its a contract on somebody), go to the city to ask to someone if anybody knwo where is the target.

2 : find the target

3 : beat the target near death.

4 : made the target captive.

5 : travel to a specific location (the target must follow the player)

6 : execute the target by hanging (yes, there is a script for hanging people in skyrim)


I know how to made points 1,2, 3 and 5 (with quest stages conditions). I also know how to script a dead NPC to be hanged (it's just decorative).


- I dont know how to made the transition between points 3 and 4 (i tell to the target to follow me, bounded).

- i dont know how to put the target in the activator trigger (under the rope). I will need a script which say "hang the target" or a dialog. The NPC will die, teleported in the trigger, and the script linked to the trigger will recognize the NPC and made it hanged.


Because of script compiling problems, i forgot the sexlab and zaz frameworks for now, until i will fix it.


Do you have some ideas ? Thanks in advance !

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