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[WIP] Primby Village


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If not the first, this is one of the absolutely first village mods for Skyrim. Primby Village adds a small village to the area between Riften and Windhelm, and it's populated by a number of NPC's and has several buildings, properly done with interiors, in place. The goal of the mod was to create a village that would fit right into vanilla Skyrim and have teh excellent feeling of a true village, like Riverwood (which I consider the best vanilla village overall).


Download Primby Village here, and read more about this mod, its development and my other projects for Skyrim on my Frontier Development Blog. There's a whole lot more like this to come!


Primby Village is currently in Beta. Bethesda needs to fix some of their stuff before I can truly finish it.


th_TESV2012-02-2509-57-23-13.jpg th_TESV2012-02-2501-22-54-44.jpg th_TESV2012-02-2501-17-23-99.jpg th_TESV2012-02-1521-51-00-44.jpg th_TESV2012-02-1420-42-14-58.jpg th_TESV2012-02-1210-34-20-88.jpg th_TESV2012-02-2723-30-29-72.jpg th_TESV2012-02-2622-17-42-78.jpg th_TESV2012-02-2510-25-36-18.jpg th_TESV2012-03-0312-51-25-41.jpg th_TESV2012-03-0309-27-06-94.jpg

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Guilmonex: I took your advice. I'm installing a couple of sharpshooters attached to the guard battalion. One sharpshooter on the fort tower and one on the wall, both of them good looking ladies. But damn that Grey-face bug. Bethesda needs to fix that asap.


Tschutschi: Thanks! I'm looking forward to creating something like that as well. :)

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Hey, thanks for this! I love Riverwood like a hometown, and I'm glad you're making this so closely resemble it!

I've always had a problem with how small Riverwood actually was. But now I hope I can enjoy your town in the future :).


Can't wait for the final release, I'll be watching this thread.



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Please report how it goes. I've recommended that ini-tweak-fix to three users already, and they've had good success with it.


I'm building quite a list of CK/game bugs that I'm going to report to Bethesda in one way or another. This floating grass bug is not the most serious, since it does have a good fix like the one I mention. The NavMesh bug is the worst though if you want to create new areas in Skyrim, like me.

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Beta 0.4 has been released. Download at Skyrim Nexus. http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=10398




- Created a farm at the end of the village. Interior and Exterior as well as NPC's.

- Created a Shrine to Dibella.

- Beautified the back of the village, with a view towards the marshlands in the north.

- Created Dragon markers where Dragons land when attacking Primby.

- Sanadara and the Jailor now speak again.

- Helda now sings and plays properly at the tavern at night.

- There is now an Enchanter in the Alchemist's Shop too.

- Fixed issue with bounties for Windhelm and Eastmarch.

- Fixed several NavMesh issues throughout the village.

- Did numerous minor corrections; moving rocks, levelling ground and such.

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I've released an update to Primby Village. There are a few good corrections and fixes in here. Downloadable on Nexus, or the Workshop.




0.5 March 18, 2012

- Updated the Player House a bit. A new mannequin added, among other things.

- Updated Faction info for the townspeople. No more weird reporting of crimes.

- Did numerous smaller corrections and tweaks.

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