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How to change XMPS scales through script?


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First off, sorry if this isn't the correct place to ask this, but I can't find anywhere else.

I'm trying to write a simple script that increases an actor's breast size(not weight!), but I can't find anywhere that shows me how

to edit that value through a script.  I've tried downloading other mods that do similar things and looking at them in the creation kit,

such as PlayerSuccubusQuest or NPCBodyScaleRandomizer, but either they aren't open source, or I have no clue where to even find their scripts in the Creation Kit.  Is there anywhere I can find a tutorial that will show me how to change the XMPS skeleton node scales the way these mods do?  I just can't seem to find this information anywhere.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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zzestrusbreedereffectscript.psc isn't showing up anywhere in my scripts, and I can't figure out why.  Neither are any other files from Estrus Chaurus.  However, the files from EstrusForSkyrim *are* showing.  Is there some way to see that file, other than in Creation Kit?  Because  I've spent almost an hour uninstalling and reinstalling Estrus Chaurus, EstrusForSkyrim, Actor Events, and all of the other dependencies, trying to make it appear.  Most of that time was spent waiting for Creation Kit to start up every time.

Is there any other way for me to view that script?  Because Creation Kit just doesn't want to show it to me.


EDIT: Turns out I was supposed to get Estrus Chaurus + instead of Estrus Chaurus.  Apparently Estrus Charus doesn't come with source files(or any script files, for that matter), whereas EC+ does.

Now I have a problem with NetImmerse.  When I call NetImmerse.<anything>, I get a compiler error saying that the variable name NetImmerse is undefined.  I have combed through zzestrusbreedereffectscript.psc, and it uses NetImmerse constantly...but it never declares a new variable named "NetImmerse", nor does it import anything called "NetImmerse".  The script just starts using NetImmerse functions without ever doing anything to "set it up".

Unfortunately, the only information I can find on NetImmerse is this page.  Is there anywhere I can find a tutorial on how to use NetImmerse?  I just can't seem to find one anywhere.

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SKSE page, 7zip package, scripts folder -> source folder -> NetImmerse.psc

Or you skip NetImmerse and go with NiOverride


Thanks for the reply, Groovtama!  It turns out that when I installed Creation Kit through steam, it deleted all of the scripts that came with SKSE.  That's why NetImmerse couldn't be found.  Thanks!

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