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[Need Opinion] Need help in deciding for the texture set.


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He guys, How's everyone..

I need help in deciding something which i can't :D



Which Textures and Face Looks better among the three, don't consider the wet textures (different in all three but I'll be using the one i am using in the last (Def Tex) set of pics with the tattoos) and I'm using the real Girls textures with my custom normal maps and wet textures as a default for my this female character but now i like these other two sets as well so i can't decide which one to choose..  

After getting to the decision I'll transfer the tattoos to decided textures..

I'll be grateful for the help, Thanks.


Frelena With Real Girls v5 Textures









Frelena With Fair Complexion v7 Textures








Frelena  With Eihei Textures







Default textures right now






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