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Changing voice sounds


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Sure you can change sounds.

More info on sound effects: http://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php/Sound

Voices information: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=97



The above should give you some background on some of the processes involved. It will also vary between games since you didn't specify which game you are wanting to do.

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So, i'm back to my post because i still didn't manage to figure it out.

What i was wandering was: how can i make some races in Oblivion use other attack sounds that they normaly use.

For example: how to make an Nord race use the cute voices of the Diablo Elfs when attacking? I can't find those "ugly sounds" anywhere, so i can replace them...

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The reason you can't find them is because they are located inside a bsa file.

Check either:

Oblivion - Voices1.bsa or Oblivion - Voices2.bsa

You may also need to look in this file: Oblivion - Sounds.bsa - I can't remember if attack sounds are in the voices or sounds bsa.


In order to replace the nords voices you will need to create subfolders and files in your data folder that exactly match the folder and file structure in the bsa file. Then archive invalidate via bsa redirection and your nords will sound as you want them to.

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