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Okay guys i know a lot people here hate Nexus but I think anyone on LL that is a hopeless romantic like me needs to set their animosity aside for today and try this mod;




It has literally breathed new life into my gameplay.  Where before it was just a game now its an experience.  The new characters added are full of soul and passion (something the vanilla really kind of lacked).  If you're not the romantic type okay that's fine then this probably is not for you.  However if you are the RPG element guy like me who felt the vanilla marriage system felt like two icecubes sitting in the Antarctic then this is the mod for you.  I highly encourage it. :D

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I meant the amount of mods for female player characters out there is way bigger than that of males..., armors,body types,followers,and so on, taking a quick look on the nexus will make everyone realize the superiority of female oriented mods out there.


I remember that this wasn't the case for oblivion, it was pretty well balanced, but i can't blame them though, the way male characters look in skyrim is awful, as it was way easier to create a decent looking male in oblivion, and on the other hand, it's very hard to create a decent skyrim male character..


However ! , this mod is pretty awesome if you're playing a female character, one can only hope the creator will do as he/she said and create a male version =].

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Well this was short lived for me, I have no idea what was going on. That Bishop guy was chain teleporting over my had without stop and I couldn't talk to any new npcs. I guess they just hate dead girls... figures.



LOL yea he does that sometimes, you gotta talk to him, get his quest and than have him follow you, once he's following you, all the other NPC's you talk to will.. well talk LOL and have a whole scene and its all quite entertaining really lol I hope that helps :) 




And yes, I do agree that player character mods for females, yes, there's a lot. For looking pretty anyway. But like stuff for chicks who like to play chicks and play with dudes, not so much lol which is what I meant :) 

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Basically it has some romantic fanfic elements (and tropes) included in, along with characters somewhat lifted from other franchises. It's a mod not for everyone, as some might get turned off by the dialogue. Otherwise, if you want something for a change from the usual blood and guts, you have a female character, and wouldn't mind to have a little cheesiness once in a while, this mod might start off a line of story-based mods.

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Well the only thing I dislike in most story/follower mods is that everything and everyone automatically assumes that you are Dragonborn... I totally ignore the main quest 99% of the time, I never tell anyone about Helgen so the watchtower attack never triggers. So my character was quite surprised* when 2 chatting npcs (this part worked) called her DB... :P

Yes I understand that it's Skyrim and that should be the default, but still :P


*Or whatever dead girls have as equivalent to surprise.

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"Despite my best efforts to make sure this project was 100% in compliance with both Kickstarter Guidelines and Bethesda's Terms of Use for their Creation Kit, I have been asked by Bethesda's legal department to cancel this Kickstarter project immediately."


Hope this will get cancelled too. :)

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You and I wonder if that bimbo's dev team is actually living on dole-outs. 



TerrorFox1234 I think you fail to understand that people need money?

I have a team of extremely talented people writers, voice actors, audio, coders. They deserve to be paid for their time. If you can't comprehend these people ACTUALLY have lives and bills than i'm not sure what kind of world you live in.

This money is for future add on in Skyrim Romance including romance for Male players. This funding is going towards paying my extremely hard working talented team. Which spent a YEAR of their time to create Skyrim Romance as it is now. Please do not insult me with emails like this. If people are bothering you do not contact me and bother me about their stupidity to understand.

Thank you,


This was my response (admittedly I was a bit heated when I wrote it):

So...you're serious. Holy crap.

First of all, that review is terrible and serves more to make a mockery of your mod than show it in any sort of a good light.

Second of all, who the hell do you think you are?

People have created mods far more complex than this without asking for or recieving 

Even mods with HUGE teams and mods that go far beyond the scope of this one. (Beyond Skyrim? SkyWind? Interesting NPC's? Frostfall? Falskaar?)

This is greedy and completely out of line in regards to what the modding community is all about. $50,000??? For shame.

I seriously hope you reconsider this course of action and try to understand that people mod for the love of modding, otherwise I fear you will be ruining your reputation as a modder and contributor to this community.

Third, did you even READ the TOS for the Creation Kit?

You don't get to ask for compensation for creating mods. That's illegal. Initially I was sincerely hoping that this was a joke of some sort, but given your arrogant, rude, and self-righteous response all I can say is I hope Bethesda catchs wind and shuts you down. You don't deserve the respect of this community with an attitude like that.

Have a nice life.


Internet hate machine's gonna hit on them like a storm of cliff racers.

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The only time a banhammer is used properly. /gj



That's what we were just saying.  :lol:


Apparently the kickstarter fundpage is still standing, though I'm sure that'll be taken down as soon as Bethesda gets wind of it, and if you look on their webpage, they have a giant gold ribbon stating they're mod of the month for this month. Though no word on who or what has given them that prestige.



[–]INeedABetterNameNow 1 point 38 minutes ago 
I mean I get why they are like that, but there are times that I think some of the force was too extreme. But looking at the author's ban report, it was in violation of the rules. I feel bad that it went that far, but at the same time, the greed got to her.


But if she still wants the mod to live, she can always go to Lovers Lab.


I really hope she doesn't come here with it. That's the kind of attitude and greed we don't need associated with LL.

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Apparently the kickstarter fundpage is still standing, though I'm sure that'll be taken down as soon as Bethesda gets wind of it, and if you look on their webpage, they have a giant gold ribbon stating they're mod of the month for this month. Though no word on who or what has given them that prestige.


:lol: Methinks of those fake #1 badges some snake-oil products put on for the sake of marketing.




I really hope she doesn't come here with it. That's the kind of attitude and greed we don't need associated with LL.


Oh, no, they ain't going here. I'm sure our staff is reading the thread as well and knowing what better to do.

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Maximum #Rekage


She should have known something like that would violate the TOS. 

I can see where she's coming from with wanting to pay teams for their contributions though. I wanted to do it too at some point, but her way certainly isn't the way to do it and is a great way to have legal action taken. 

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I'm not disagreeing with you one bit.

There's nothing wrong at all with having donations. 

Lots of mod authors have one. Hell I wish I could donate to some of the really great ones but I just don't have the cash to give. I know how it is to put blood, sweat and tears into something and then just give it away. I can understand the frustration of releasing something that's near and dear to your heart, that you poured all your energy into just to have some punk make tons of suggestions (in not nice ways and those in the nicest possible ways) to make your vision better, or what changes they think would make it better. It's hard work, and thankless work for the most part. It isn't just limited to modding.


But the way she went about it, and the balls she had to be so high and mighty about it weren't right. If she went about it differently, had a little more of a humble attitude and just left the donation button on her webpage then I think it'd still be up. Hell I was toying around with the idea of installing it even though it was full of romance novel cheese, until I saw that she explicitly asked for mmxo to review her mod. You shouldn't do that. And everyone who works in mods, that's done any of the official tutorials and done enough research has seen the warnings that selling mods is a really bad idea and illegal to boot, or they should have...


Donations for appreciation of all their hard work is one thing. Kickstarter funds for mod advancement is another thing all together.



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I find it sad and ironic that a romance mod earned burning hatred, all because of an author's capriciousness and asking 50k as if shoving it right into our faces.


I've seen authors do bigger and better mods, I've played their works, and without even asking for money.

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Seeing that this mod includes modders' resources that are strictly can't be sold, it'll be a further subject of scrutiny.


Also the dev list and the pics... Yeah, looks like she really made it up by stealing off others' pics, which makes you wonder if these beautiful people are also modding. 

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