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[Sims 4] Zero Suit Faux


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I've spent quite some time testing out a higher res normal map with some success. Here are some zero suit variations - there are several colors and one set has a hexagonal bump texture while the other is smooth.


I left out the logo on the front and the glowy crest on the back because I jsut thought they looked bad/out of place when trying them out ingame. 




This is a closer shot of the hexagon pattern in action.



And here's the smooth suit.



I decided to have it a fullbody suit because attempting to mix and match things like this in general also messes up how normal/specular maps overlap. 

The suits do overlap shoes though, so keep that in mind.


I dunno if having a much higher resolution normal map for just your outfit has any impact on gameplayperformance, so whatever. Again, the muscles/tone body is artificially part of the texture itself.


Please credit me if you use/mod/link this.



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This is fantastic. I'm a big fan of "futuristic" clothing in the Sims, and would very much like to see more like this. The hexagon pattern variant is my preferred variant.

I even like that the suit overlaps shoes, to be honest. It makes it easier to color-match, resulting in many shows blending in better with the outfit.

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