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Scripting Question - display a message only once?


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I made myself a disenchanting script and I'm wanting it to show a help message the first time it's used like weapon racks do but the message is displaying every time. Here's my script:

Scriptname aaXunDisenchantingScript extends ObjectReference  
{Script handles the disenchanting of objects.}

ObjectReference Property PlayerRef Auto
;1 = if something is in this trigger, 0 = empty

Message Property RenewalFontMSG auto

Bool Property MessageAlreadyShown Auto

GlobalVariable Property RFontGlobal Auto
{Global that determines if you have seen the help message yet or not}

Event onActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)    
MessageAlreadyShown = RFontGlobal.GetValue()
    if (MessageAlreadyShown == FALSE)
        ; If the help message hasn't been shown before then show it.
    elseif (MessageAlreadyShown == TRUE)
        debug.notification("Place an item.")

Event OnItemAdded(Form akBaseItem, int aiItemCount, ObjectReference akItemReference, ObjectReference akSourceContainer)
    RemoveItem(akBaseItem, aiItemCount)
    Game.GetPlayer().AddItem(akBaseItem, aiItemCount)

It's the little bit there in the middle, the onActivate event. It's like either RFontGlobal.SetValue(1) isn't setting it to 1 or maybe MessageAlreadyShown == FALSE isn't checking MessageAlreadyShown = RFontGlobal.GetValue().


The script compiles just fine, it's just that it always displays the message like my value isn't getting either read or set or something...


Could anyone take a look at it and tell me what is wrong?


edit: Nevermind, got it fixed.

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