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Playing with a controller?

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So I'm trying to play the game with a 360 controller following along with this:

(it's a video that describes how to use JoytoKey and ControlMK)

All that happens for me is my character randomly punches the air when I try to use the right analog, not quite sure what I've done wrong (which should be nothing), has anybody here had any luck paying with a 360 controller?

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I'm not sure I can do it with a keyboard and mouse since I grew up with consoles, and have only been playing PC games since last year when I built my PC. I also have my PC connected to the TV so that would make the whole thing pretty uncomfortable. Starting to think I may have wasted 15 bucks, we'll see what I can do

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From what I've seen, even the more successful modified 360 controller setups for Oblivion have some errors. While I'd love to experience modded Oblivion with a controller, I know that the PC version came out before gamepad usage was common.


Though I'd like to try the Xpadder option Zombi mentioned. 

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