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skyrim mod not loading textures


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so yesterday i made my first sword model using blender, and textured it using mudbox. everything was looking fine until i opneded it in photoshop to save as a dds, where i noticed that there were red squares with red crosses over all of the texture parts on the file. Ignoring this for the time being, i went ahead and created the nif files and linked the textures i had made to the nif. upon selecting the nif in the creation kit, i got a few errors telling me that the texture files could not be located, even though i checked to make sure they were there and the file paths were correct. the sword model itself appeared as a bronze model without any of the textures. upon loading it in game i was able to add and equip the sword but it had no textures. i will find a way to supply the dds files and nif that i used if anyone wants, and i think that mainly it was an issue with the dds files that i have. basically what does it mean if there are red squares with crosses on them on the dds files.






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