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What mod is doing this NPC gag effect with "Mmmfffff!"?


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So after firing up my new Skyrim file after some months, I saw that something I installed was causing NPCs wearing either a ZaZ or DD gag to say the line "Mmmfffff!" when approached and perform a clapping animation. This animation takes over even if the NPC has their arms bound or is currently playing a bound animation, so besides looking silly it's also out of place. My initial guess was that it came from DD Integration, but it seems I'm wrong about that, but I'm stumped as to what else could be causing it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Hrm, that can't be it... I had that installed during my last file and all it did was replace the dialogue with muffled sound effects. Never had this weird clapping thing going on.



Yep, that's not it. This happens even without that active.

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