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Trying to get Oculus DK2 working with Skyrim (UPDATE: GUIDE INSIDE!)


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Hey everyone! I ended up getting a nice pair of the Oculus Rift DK2 and it's quite nice. I fancy the miku sphere app which is incredibly sexy ;) But unfortunately I'm having some issues getting the Oculus Dk2 working with Skyrim and any manual available seems to be either tailored to the DK1 or half-ass the important parts.


My current issue is that I installed Vireio and selected my main monitor as the rift (as per the many online tutorials) but coming time to launch the game, it says my resolution doesn't match my display. However in "\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini" I have it set to iSize H=1200 and  iSize W=1920 which according to other documentations, that's what the DK2 supports. I even changed the one inside "\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini" (the double Skyrim is not a typo).


I'm using the nexus mod manager (I know a lot of you will damn me for it but I'm not changing since I have a max amount of mods installed) and from I can tell, it really doesn't affect my ini files but I launch the game directly from skse.


At some point I somewhat got it working but I don't remember how I did it but the game was hard to distinguish what i was seeing and no menu / picture rotated.


Honestly speaking, skyrim was the defining reason why I wanted an oculus rift but it's proving to be near impossible to get it to work. Here's hoping someone here will know :)


PS. The weird thing is that the nexus seems to have all guides relating to the oculus deleted for some reason.


EDIT: I figured out how to get Skyrim working with the Oculus. Scroll down a few posts or CLICK HERE to read the steps.

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1. When modding heavily, Mod Organizer is the preferred choice.

2. Try the Enhanced Camera SKSE plugin -- you can get a kick out of riding a horse from the saddle, or looking through the eyes of a werewolf.


3. Try this if you need questions regarding the device and Skyrim:




Also, Nex can be pretty unreliable when trying to find answers -- often they get ignored.

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@ansom From what I read, VorpX doesn't work as well as Vireio and it costs money versus Vireio which is entirely free to use.


So I did figure it out. I had realized my fatal flaw, and that's the oculus is actually 1080 not 1200 in vertical resolution. Silly mistake! What I ended up doing to get it to work is as follows:


Step 1: Download and extract Vireio wherever you keep your oculus projects

Step 2: Open SkyrimPrefs.ini inside the documents folder (as per what Teruke said)

Step 3: Make sure iSize H=1080 and iSize W=1920 is set.

Step 4: Open steam, that way when you start SKSE it doesn't overwrite anything with skyrim. Better yet, make SkyrimPrefs.ini READ ONLY (right click -> properties)

Step 5: Copy ALL dll files from Perception/bin (where you installed Vireio earlier) and paste it into the skyrim folder (I hear there are ENB conflicts, be sure to uninstall any active ENB for the time being)

Step 6: Set the Oculus to Extended mode

Step 7: Go to your Screen Resolution properties and make sure your oculus is on (and make sure nothing else is using it like Virtual Desktop). Set the Oculus "monitor" to 1920x1080 for the screen resolution, and the orientation to Portrait mode (the monitor should look like it's horizontal, not vertical). Afterwards it's going to get tricky.

Step 8: Click Apply and then set the oculus display as the main display. Once it's set you will only see the display on your rift, and to see anything you'll need to play with closing one eye at a time to find your cursor. It's crazy but you'll figure it out.

Step 9: Click on Advance settings and set the refresh rate from 1920x1080 60hz to 1920x1080 75hz. Make sure it's 32 bit unless your computer can only handle 16 or 24 bit i guess?

Step 10: Run Perception.exe from where you extracted Vireio earlier (and copied the dlls from) and selectOculus Rift (All Variants), Oculus Track, and the Oculus rift monitor. This is really hard to do without knowing where your windows will start from so my tip is to create desktop icons for this and that.

Step 11: Run SKSE or whatever you use to run skyrim.


I'm working on a type of game manager that does all of this automatically with a single click for myself and if it's stable enough I'll most likely release it free of use but don't hold your breath on whether I get it completed or not. I'm not very good with c#. Anyway, I don't know of any automated process to do this but you'll get the hang of it for now.



- I'm not sure why just yet but all characters aren't visible, just their clothes are. The character animations for loverslab shows up except for the face.

- Only inside like inns, or houses seem to work for me. Outdoors seem to just be a vast openess of nothing.

- Impossible to use HUD display, I've heard of mods that resolve this, but so far the HUD is very far to the side and hard to read.

- I have a stomach made of steel, but the character bobbing in first person makes me feel queezy very fast. This is by nature how our brain works, so no bobbing animation in First person will be necessary.

- I think my graphical issues might be related to not having uninstalled ENB, and perhaps too much is being loaded into memory. I have a little over 2gigs of virtual memory and the oculus renders at over 2800xsomething in resolution.



- Wow, I can look around, and lean in 3D space, it's amazing! It's nothing as amazing as Vox (the mech game demo) but this is still incredible!

Just letting others know about my progress and thanks for the help you guys! I hope that these steps will help others get skyrim setup on their rig. I will update my progress if I get it to work properly. If anyone's wondering if the oculus is worth investing into for this game, I can't conclude this to be the case since skyrim is absolutely not designed natively for it but you do feel a great deal of immersion when using it. :)

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