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NMM Upddate : all "mods" tab lost


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Hello everyone!

First, sorry for my english, I'm still learning ^^'


So here is my problem :

I updated Nexus Mod Manager (0.47.x to 0.52.3) in order to update some of my mods (I needed to log in, but I had to update NMM for that).

So I downloaded the last version and installed it, but all my mods under the "mods" tab are gone!

Each mod is still working, there is nothing wrong with the plugin tab and the esp, but since no mod appears in the mods tab, I can't update anything, or uninstall with NMM :c




Is there a way to bring back the mods?


Thanks anyway !



(Don't hesitate to ask me to re explain ^^)

(Oh, and sorry if it's not the right place for that :c)

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Go to your Skyrim directory: Skyrim/Games. There should be 3 files: NMM, Skyrim mods, and The Elder scrolls V Skyrim. If you are missing "Skyrim mods" directory, then you do not have your mods saved.

But if you do, uninstall new version and start from the beginning. Make sure you install it in your Skyrim/games directory.

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