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what Vampire mods do you use?


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Better Vampires or Vampiric Thirst

Royal Bloodline

Mighty Beasts - Vampire Lord

Dynamic Vampire Appeareance or DVA for short

Female Vampires have Fangs

and more

Same for me, but with some chief differences:


-Better Vampires

-Royal Bloodline

-Mighty Beasts - Vampire Lord

-Better Vampire Eyes and Fangs

-Dynamic Vampire Appeareance

-Dark Maneuvers

-Become a Vampire Anytime

-Vampire Texture Framework

-Porcelain Vampire Skin


...that's all, so far.

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Vampire Texture Framework would be top priority for me. Pale vampire chicks.... yummy!


Never got it to work with Requiem + a couple of other big immersion mods though, the facetint mask patch for vanilla NPCs is not enough.

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