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Sexlab Essentials?


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I've been looking at these Skyrim mods for a while and as a novice modder it's all a bit overwhelming. With so may to choose from it's a little tough to get started. Not to mention how many mods do similar things, making it hard to choose between them all. What would you say are the essential mods to start with? Or maybe what would be YOUR essentials?

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It really depends what you are into. If I'd suddenly have to choose 3, I'd say Apropos / Non Sexlab Animations / More Nasty Critters.


The Sexlab index page is really detailed, you should check that if you didn't do it already :P but most SL mods using the same 3 dependencies, Aroused / Zaz / DD. After those you can just install anything you like.

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For me,it is Schlongs of Skyrim (full version) for both genders. It is actually part of the reason why I bought the game on PC despite having already 100% the game on X-Box 360.

Okay,not that large a part (not that the size of the part is that important...heh),but it still was a deciding factor in making that choice. Androgyny and Futanarium,both non-Sexlab mods, helped while SOS was still in its formative stages. They were about as influential as all of the quest and gameplay mods I was seeing on the mod showcases of early-to-mid 2013.


Not only can I,with a bit of tweaking in the MCM,get the gender distribution just the way I like it even when no copulation is involved,having an animated penis framework is the best thing for those who don't want to swap out bodies every time they want a character to engage in any sex act and those who don't want static perpetually erect or flaccid phalluses on every single one of the characters of a given gender.


The UNP Transgender bodies,for instance,would replace every woman of a human or mer race's genitalia with male genitalia, giving the impression that all of the folks there lay eggs,are born from the beast races whom they all metamorphose from or get 'butt pregnant' since no one of those races had a vagina. All I wanted was for a few characters to be hermaphroditic here and there. Knowing quite a bit more about the Creation Kit these days than I knew back then,I could have assigned the transgender body to a custom race then changed the race of certain NPCs to make them transgender rather than use it as a general replacer,but having a configurable customizable means of assigning phalluses is a lot less hassle.


Besides that,there is Sexlab Cumshot (which has a handy toggle for who uses what gender's sex animations,useful for any hermaphroditic or transgender female characters),Sexlab Sexchat (the best means of having non-rapey,non-random intercourse with someone not one's spouse which I should probably open up to see if I can add the option to use all of the dialogue choices on members of both sexes rather than let is sit as it is,where any character propositioning a male is considered a female and any character approaching a female is considered male), and the two conditional 'essentials',Spouses Enhanced (which allows for consensual,non-randomized marital relations. Unfortunately,it only works with marriage partners found in the base game or ones who use default voices,so it is worthless if one marries,say, Vilja or Darion Fleetfoot) and Sexlab Aroused(necessary if one is going to use certain mods,especially the Milk Mod Economy).

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Should post this in the SexLab section instead of Skyrim General Discussion. Just seems more appropriate there instead of here (for obvious reasons).


But for the basic essentials, get MatchMaker and Romance. That's it. MatchMaker gives you a spell to cast on a target or/and yourself. So cast it on 2-3 people to make them have sex. Simple as that. Romance lets you initiate sex via dialogue. Again, simple as that.


They are the basic essentials to do anything with the Framework. Simple sex.



Then you get more advanced. Say you like bondage and such? You start stepping into Devious Devices territory. Like combat rape/sex? Start going into Submit and Defeat. Want full out Pregnancy, Beastiality, Domination/Submission roles, auto NPC sex, Milking, etc etc etc? Then you veer from the basic essentials and start going into the more advanced stuff. And that's when things get tricky. It involves a lot of reading and familiarity with modding to get a lot of that stuff setup. And patience.


But as for basic, MatchMaker and Romance are the easiest it gets when it comes to just wanting to have sex.



For me personally, my basic essentials are MatchMaker, Romance, and Defeat. I mainly use Defeat for that second chance before I die type deal. It has saved me from many deaths lol. Then use the time I am being raped to drink down some potions and heal up. It comes in handy, let me tell ya. MatchMaker is great if you have Silent Casting in the Illusion tree and want to sneak past guards and such in dungeons. Just cast it on them, they begin masturbating (or having sex if there is multiple guards), and you sneak right past. And Romance obviously is there to just have sex whenever I want, in a more consensual way.


But my playthrough I'm doing now is heavily modded up this time around. I went all out on it to try out all kinds of new stuff. I'm currently using:


-SexLab Framework: MatchMaker, Defeat, Aroused Redux, Romance, 3DM Sperm Replacer, Non SexLab Animation Pack, Cumshot, Sound Effects Replacer, and More Nasty Critters.


-Devious Devices: Integration, Expansion, Captured Dreams Shop, Gag SFX, Devious Captures, and Devices for the Masses.


-Zaz Animation Pack


Using that with Schlongs of Skyrim and the Schlongs for Females as well on UNPB with Immersive First Person View. It's been a fun time so far. Haven't had any issues either. I couldn't imagine using Defeat now without Devious Captures. They fit so well together. Thinking of adding Animal Mansion to the mix as well to make more use of More Nasty Critters, but I'm happy with what I have now.



But read over what is all offered in the download section and see what interests you. And for goodness sakes, read the descriptions when it comes to installing them. Can't tell you how many problems on these forums would be solved if people just RTFM. But most just install everything and then complain that it doesn't work cause they didn't read.

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