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Probably this got NOTHING to do with Sexout

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....but as only Sexout and all mods requiring Sexout deliver a weird MCM I thought I ask if anyone heard about such a funny case.


My Sexout + submods got a weird MCM bug or so:


All normal (sex-)gameplay works well,

anis work well,

all works


Only Defaults!


When I try to change something that does NOT have a number value,

but just a "tick box" or so then the box is not there and I can not de/activate it.

For example Sexout "misc" - I think misc tab - where the Y key equals instant masturbation:

No chance to deactivate it or change the key


Generally those look like a wrong language - except that the normal words are all there.


Newest ("stable" nonbeta) Sexout, newest MCM, newest NVSE, newest NX


Well, my System keyboard is usually Central Euro. So when I pressed Z which on my board is between T and U, and it returned a Y and went into masturbation - I wanted to change that. Then I discovered that funny issue.


Funny, isn't it?

As it ONLY exists inside the MCM tabs of Sexout and all submods building on it.


My Fallout New Vegas is 100% legal steam,

but for whatever reason it seems a full US version despite me being Cental Euro, all my other games from there are all compatible with my region.


Has anyone ever heard of such a case?



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There are a number of issues with non-US/UK keyboard layouts I think, and also directX issues with getting the right key presses for different language locales. AJ might see this and chime in, having experienced similar issues with (I think?) an Italian language windows & keyboard layout. I don't know if there's any easy fix besides just reinstalling FONV and selecting us/uk english.. or something like that.


My brain isn't really remembering the right solution to this.

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All works now as it "should"

Problem was a useless "fix" of the MCM itself from its own page, meaning the "unfixed" mcm esp gave me my fix

Forgot to add it (the "fix") after completely reinstalling Vegas


Though now I am blessed with a new nuisance that I cannot pinpoint: direct3dcreate9ex

Probably something with the re-DL of the steam backup or whatever, doesn't matter, it's just OK spamming and it starts anyway after 30 OKs, for some reason though it only happens when launching NVSE, the normal plain version is not affected


Using same fallout_default, same enblocal, same enbseries configurations as earlier so it's not some forgotten edit or so


Oh well, MY problem is fixed


I prefer spamming OK 30x and starting a game where I can READ and HOOK the MCM options over a quickstart with pseudoextraterrestrial placeholder symbols in MCM

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