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Help! Sexlab framework incompatible with skyrim version

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I tried to install the sexlab framework only to be given a list of errors.

the errors were that the Skyrim script extender was not working ( i made sure i had the latest version)

then the seccond error message was  "outdated skyrim install detected. Sexlab currently requires v1.9.32.0 or newer in order to function"

I then checked my skyrim version and it is which i assume is newer. but for some reason, sexlab refuses to work


I made sure to have all the applicable unnofficial updates.

any help would be much appreciated

Link to comment is a newer version than, the one you got. Just let steam update your Skyrim and everything is fine; as long as you actually own a valid copy of Skyrim, which honestly more sounds like you don't do that.


Looks like the OP just transversed the numbers.

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