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Standalone follower request


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Let me be completely honest with you about standalone followers based on player characters from other saves. I've made 2 personally, and it's a complete pain to make them. Granted it's very rewarding, but between the CK crashing when you load their face data (do this last when creating, you'll thank me), or when it doesn't let you make them both followers AND marriable (Yes, even when you have the right voice chosen), it's still a pain. I still don't fully understand AI packages that well, and likely that's the culprit behind my next complaint, but they don't really do that much when you have them in game. They'll disappear at random times and sometimes start fights with anything within reach. About the only thing that's really cool about them, is the random dialogue they spew when you enter a large chamber in a dungeon, or when they make small talk with shopkeepers.


Nevertheless, let me provide some resources here if you want to try your hand at creating it yourself. And this list assumes you're using Enhanced Character Edit:


1. Open Skyrim. Load the character you want AFTER you get them just the way you want them, then open the console and type "spf myface" without quotes and hit enter. This will create a file called <yourcharactersnamehere>.npc in your skyrim folder. This will need to be loaded with the CK later.


2.Use ECE to save your character's face to any slot. When in the CK, the last face you saved will always be Nosetype32. Don't forget, load your character's face as the very last step.


3. Watch this guy's video. You will need to load any mods you want to add to your character as well. Weapons, clothes, etc. I've never had armor/clothing (even vanilla sets) show up on custom followers, and it's just as easy to add them in yourself later with the console. Don't forget to create the hair (later step in this list) then load the face data LAST.


4. Then watch this one by the same guy.


5. Watch this guy's video to understand AI better, this is where I got my knowledge on it.


6. Read and follow this tutorial to get custom hair on your follower. The standalone hair is a lot cleaner to deal with later in my opinion, even if there are a few more steps involved. Also while you're there, scroll down and read the tutorial to fix your character's dark face.


7. Finally load the face data as I hope you've followed that guy's tutorial up to this point, apply different colors to the eyebrows, eyes, hair, etc. and place your follower in the world, then save.



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