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Animated Nif in game.


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Alright. I still couldn't figure it out why it doesn't work.

The Siltstrider from the dragonborn DLC is a static Niff with an animation, just like the flying books etc.


My niff which is just a hand that floats around as a test. is exactly the same as the niffstrider now.


Nifskope plays all the animations that i made for the hand.

Creation kit shows the animated hand flying around.


But if i go in game, The hand is just static. no animations nothing.


i'm really out of idea's of why it does not work.


Any help towards this is highly appreciated.



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Not a clue, but I think BSdismemberments are supposed to take BodySlots/meant for equippable body part items.


I dunno about animated static object types :(


There might be an equivalent parameter or something for NiSkinInstance branch though.

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