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Help me decide on a face, please.


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So, this is kind of a stupid post, but I'm not worried about that. I stupidly made three different characters, and now I'm having trouble deciding between them. I've saved them as presets so I can switch back and forth, but I want to pick one. Which do you all think is better? Mind the lighting/hair/eyes/makeup are different in each, and I need to widen the nose tip on the right one.


Egad, I'm so ocd about character creation.



And, does anyone know how to get a not bloody pointy bottom of nose area?


Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it muchly!


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   I like the middle one. If you use ECE, rounding her jawline out would help the overall appeal. If you start tweaking the face, you might want to choose the lips you can see promise in, as messing with the face tends to make most of the others unusable. Try not to "bottom out" the jawline and instead make it slope to the chin.


Angles are everything with a face, some only look good from 1 or 2. Capitalize on these for good shots. For example, my Nayr looks great at a slight angle but isn't anywhere near as pretty at an off angle.



This is an alright shot.




This is what I mean on how angles can make or break a shot.





Angles and ENBs are either your friend or your enemy. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm still learning, myself!

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