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Need some help with belly collision please


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Hi all! I love this HDT physics thing it is awesome. When I found out about havok COLLISION and about lost it lol (got it all jiggling Clothing, Hair, breasts, butt, and belly but no weapons/etc... yet). OK so now that I've come to the collision part of this magnificent HDT invention, i've come to a road block. I can get the hands to work with no problem what so ever but no belly collision and i think feet too which I noticed from an animation that was not aligned correctly (may have been just jiggling though, not 100% sure)


What I'm trying to get working is the belly collision with SOS. I've linked the "hdtm.xml" file to ever male body part (including the SOS dong meshes) but nothing works on the belly... the dong just goes right thru the belly lol. To clarify what I'm using I've installed "HDT-All_in_One_v3" and "HDT All In One 14.28 version (Edit 5 by Daie)" and using this http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59416/? xml file for some nice bounce (its the one for belly as well). All the bouncing works fine but the collision for bell no worky when a dudes peter hits it. Hopefully this is just something stupid I did on my part, but any help would most appreciate.



Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I can also see the butt being affected by the penis so I'm pretty sure that part of the collision is working.... just no belly :(


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Just to clarify, does the belly have physics at all right now? Like when you go in-game, and the breasts and butt jiggle and bounce and what not, can you see the belly move at all? 


If the belly isn't moving at all, this sounds like something I just got done dealing with. I too downloaded a bunch of stuff and read lots of forums about it, and i'm sure I saw the same gifs you probably saw. You're probably using groovtama's XPMSE v2.31. It's the newest one. In that skeleton, they changed the name of one of the belly bones from "NPC PreBelly" to "HDT Belly". The thing is, most xml's (the files that dictate how physics are applied to what bones) were created for the older skeletons. So, when the xml goes to tell the skeleton to move a certain way, instead of telling the HDT Belly bone to move, it's sending the data to a non-existent bone that therefore ends up doing nothing. All you have to do is edit the xml file with JFF or any xml editor (or even notepad if you're too lazy to download anything), find where it references "NPC PreBelly" and just change it to "HDT Belly".


If this isn't the case, another simple answer is that the body you are using (CBBE, UNP, 7B) does not actually have a belly node. I used to use a Bodyslide personalized CBBE HDT Body to great effect until I wanted belly physics and collisions. Turns out, the CBBE HDT Body doesn't even have a belly node. So I had to download an HDT Bodyslide file (v1.4, because v1.5 didn't work) just to get the belly node for the physics to work. Yet another thing that could prevent all these wonderful xml's from working by simply not having a crucial yet simple part. 


IF neither of these solutions apply to you, and you do have belly physics, just no collisions, then i'm sorry to say I can't help you. I'm just some guy who self taught himself over 2 or 3 days of reading peoples' problems on this forum. 


It really isn't all that it's cracked up to be, anyways. I'm currently looking for an xml with just physics, and no collisions. Now that I've finally got everything to work, I actually want to go back to what I had before haha. I find that collisions are too finicky and often have varying degrees of success on different bodies and presets. The gifs we've all seen of spectacular collisions are of an xml designed to work perfectly on the mod creator's personal body. They fine tune it to work for them, and simply upload it. In the end, it's a lot of work for mediocre and bug ridden results.


Don't let me dissuade you though, this is just my opinion. Hopefully I helped you get it working, and hopefully it works better for you than it did for me. 

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Thanks for the response bud I appreciate your input!! I DO have have the physics working for all nodes but the info you gave about the newest version of the skeleton is great info (im using XPMSE 2.20 so I haven't run into the bone renaming yet) I just have the collision working for breasts belly and maybe the butt(I can see it with her idle animation when her hands brush across her belly then her breasts) I dont have the collision for the belly working with any SOS tho. I have linked hdtm.xml to male hands, feet, head, and even the sos schlong meshes using nifskope. So Im not sure if maybe there's something wrong with the version of hdtm.xml or maybe i should try linking one of the other .xmls. But from what i've read from all of the threads around here, the hdtm.xml is what I need to link said body mesh parts with. I'll also have a look at justforfun. If anything I can tune the physics to my liking.



All seem to work fine



Work fine on her self (Belly breasts not sure about the butt, she doesn't touch herself there lol)

Males though I cant seem to get working. They touch her with any part of their body and nothing moves :/

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Having spent today getting belly collision working today, here is what I've found. 


Both Characters need to have the right HDT xml attached to them. Males should have it right without gloves but force equipping a HDT Physics Object will work


The XML files have to agree on what body part belongs to what collision group and the right collision shapes must be defined.

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