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Race menu problem

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So I finally got around to updating all of my skyrim mods and I updated to the newest race menu that has new sliders, but it seems they do no work for the Lunari race which I enjoy the most to use. If I switch to a default race or I know they work for temptress, they work fine. So I would guess there is a way to add them to the Lunari race, but I'm not sure how. If anyone could shed some light on this, that would be a huge help.

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Um, I'm a beginner modder so my "light" is like really dim and small but, if the sliders never worked with the Lunari race in the first place, I think it's because it needs the custom skeleton files (.hkx) in the "meshes>bhakti" folder for the racemenu to pick it up because it looks like it only has .nif files for the meshes.

You might be able to not have to do that if you install the racemenu skeleton sliders that support .nif input. 

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