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A Skyrim Breeder Renewal


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The superb Sexoutbreeder never came to Skyrim, despite the vast amount of eligible creatures to invoke the creative imagination.

Beastess is all about the spells, and the short Sexlab Breeder 1.01 never seemed to aim for submissive impregnation. 

With my modding knowledge being as feeble as it is, I still wondered if even a patched-up way of making such a mod would be possible:



Could one, by using the data from Estrus Chaurus (the direct impregnation from actor events) build a base for a mod with other creatures? 



There are many other mods with great potential for a breeder mod combination. The enslavement of Sanguine's Debauchery, the creatures

raping the PC via Defeat, and Devious Devices would of course come in handy. 


Perhaps it's not possible - or there aren't people interested in this kind of mod for Skyrim, but SexouBreeder was a grand mod, which I

recon would be fantastic for Sexlab engine, and it's features available.    

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Hello and good morning!

I offer this up to you two gentle(wo)men: though it's dependent on Beeing Female, there is now an add-on that purportedly does just this! It's listed in here somewhere as BF-addon something or other; I've downloaded it, but I haven't yet tried a nature-lover/beastess character.

Hope this helps!




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Interesting, many thanks Pheade 


I have been acquainted with the mod prior, but likewise not with creatures. It should however be able to support these according to milzschnitte. 

I also read through the developer guide, and though most is over my head, it seemed possible to connect quests with Being Female.


It could be great to use BF through a simple quest, where you build up you own family of "insert random creature here".


Some special alpha male of each intended race needed simply be placed around Skyrim with a few recurring scripts and a follower mode.

Then you could bring or be brought by the alpha to a destination where to start a family via this BF-addon. 

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