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Problem with tint maps - red area in forehead

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After I switched from CBBE to UNP, I'm seeing weird red areas over NPC's forhead.


When I open dds files in the FaceTint folder after I export FaceGen data from CK, I can see some of those files have a big red/pink area in upper half of the content.


It seems I can change the color of the affected area in CK by changing settings of either femalehead_frownlines.dds or femaleuppereyesocket.dds. But I just can't make it look like normal even though I set them both to ColorAverage.


I can try to remove it by hand, but as I'm writing a mod and occasionally change NPC's appearances, it would be very inconvenient if I have to do such manual editing whenever I do this.


Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks!




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