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unpb skin texture problems


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It's just the map, you need to install a complete unp texture set.


In mod's description:


Q: Do you also have a complete skin? 
A: Not for now, but there is a many compatible skins available on the Nexus. One excellent skin is made for UNPB and has an adaptation of Sporty Sexy Map Included, have a look at Barbarian and Milkdrinker Skin UNP and UNPB by HoneyVanity

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So 'im using UNPB REDUX body and the Sporty Sexy Map as the skin texture, but it seems the texture is not correctly lined up or something, im not exactly sure.


The Sporty Sexy Map is just a normal map and nothing more, you need the skin texture itself, like the guys already said above, 1st you need to install a texture pack, like SG Female Textures Renewal, and just after that you install the Sporty Sexy Map replacing the original !!!

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Doesn't matter if it's unp skinny or not, it's still a unp uvmap. I use sporty sexy sweat with some of my characters as well. The skin texture is where you're going wrong. Link us to the texture you're using. I can guarantee you're accidentally using a CBBE texture variant. The files are completely different from eachother when you place them side by side.


CBBE texture:



15826068470_488a98cae2_o.jpgCBBE texture by Fizzy Toast, on Flickr




UNP texture:



16013332405_0a2599df99_o.jpgUNP texture by Fizzy Toast, on Flickr



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