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So I notice that it took literally no time at all for someone to copy and make a Frostmourne/lichking weapon and armor set.... Now what I would like to see is someone who is a little "older" than the lich king...and a little more bad-ass in my opinion... and without further adu, I present to you... Lord Soth of Draggard Keep (Dragonlance)


Just standing being a badass...




annnd killing shit...




Basically He was once a fabled "Knight of the Rose" whose golden and silver armor once had a rose emblazoned upon its chest... well Lord Soth got into a little bit of trouble by cheating on his wife and ultimately was burned alive in his own castle for his ...misgivings... but the god of death refused to let him die ... so now he is an undead badass wearing the same armor as a mark of shame..only now its charred black... and his "blade is coated and stained by the blood of thousands who tried to stand before him"....


I would love to play as Lord Soth ...

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You might ask "But DanielUSMC why do you think Lord Soth is better than the Lich King" ... well i will answer before you ask. The Lich King (for those of you who know the lore) was tempted and lured by the sword and was actually being controlled to do those evil things.... well Lord Soth just does the evil because he doesn't give a shit.

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Honestly I'm not really sure if the lich king was made from completely from scratch, though I don't doubt the skill of Jojo (the most well known maker of the lich king and frostmourne in elderscroll mods lol).


In regards to Lord Soth.....brilliant idea. I was always a huge fan of Larry Elmoore's work, and some of his Lord Soth pictures were just epic. The designs on most of the armor seen in most of dragonlance, have to this day always been some of the most intricate patterns I've ever seen.


I'm not sure its fair to compare Arthas to Lord Soth, mainly because it really wasn't Soth who caused him to become a death knight. Where as Arthas is the one who took up frostmourne to betray everyone (or he was just weak willed and easily manipulated by the swords inner will). To top it off then Arthas then mergers with warcrafts variation of a lich, to become the Lich King.


Though I will never forget the nightmares I had after reading some dragonlance as a child, and imagining him devouring the souls of young elven women lol. That's quite a bit more graphic then anything I've ever seen the Lich King do lol.


He became who was because he was betrayed by his wife when she found him cheating on her, as I recall. So saying he doesn't give a shit, is dead on lol.


What I like about him more than other death knights is you don't ever see what he really looks like under the armor. There's only a hint of anything even undead under the armor aka bright orange glowing eyes that kill you on sight. Otherwise it almost looks like a piece of animated armor. If he reminds me of anyone...he reminds me of death lord Arawn from the Prydain Chronicles, who in the same right doesn't give a shit lol. Three cheers for Lord Soth, devour of female souls, and the true lord of I don't give a shit!

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much much worse then that Silvist. Soth was given the ability to prevent the cataclysm and his love for the young elf maiden he cheated on his wife for made him turn back and betray his oaths to the gods, truly a fallen paladin though I always present him more in the fashion of a Helmeted Bane Thrall from IK then an animated suit of plate with glowing red eyes (in fact I like the 2.0 monster manuals dipiction of death knights better then Chris Metzen's)


Bane Thrall




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Hmm I'm not familiar with IK..nice picture though. Well I was just trying to go with the spirit of the post. Its been so long since I've read dragonlance, probably like 15 years. The characters are edged into my memory, and they barely have much substance anymore. I'll probably and go back and re-read the "chronicles", along with the elven trilogy, brothers trilogy, and the Huma saga.


Let me say its been about as long as it was since this game was out:






I blame not reading classics on the current series I'm read, The Sword of Truth.



Eh at least I remember the end of the chronicles where Tanis is saving Laurana, and he walks past ole "sloth" as I like to call him. Tanis gives him a speech that if he even thinks of laying his finger upon his woman, he'll offer his past life balls up to the almighty gods (even though he just finally got a clue to stop being evil).



One of my all time favorite pictures of Laurana:






Odd thing is one of my other fav anime's look like it completely ripped of that picture:






Here's another good shot of Lord Sloth (lol sorry) Soth:






To end this thought, and I blame you Skan for this lol, is my all time favorite dragonlance picture:






So you're like so there's two people big deal? Yeah? Well those are my great grand parents. See the resemblance?


Don't believe me? Go read my bio.

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To the OP:


Off topic.


I seen Record of Lodoss Wars in there. Loved it. If you haven't already you should check out Berserk. It, in my opinion, blew RoLW out the water with it's similar setting, yet oh so darker and bloodier story.


Check it out. Especially since they've just recently revived it with brand new OVA's after a 10 year hiatus.

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