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I'm currently in the middle of making a mod that assigns unique armor and clothing to all ten of the races.


The issue I'm running into is a matter of redundancy. What I would like to happen is if the game can't find a mesh the in the newly added patch for a specified race, that it will just use the default clothing in it's stead. What I get in return is just a missing model in game. I'm not sure how smart the the priority system in the CK actually is, but it's looking pretty dumb so far...


Here's how I've set it up in the CK:



Would greatly appreciate some feedback.

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I just don't understand why' date=' if there are two armor addons for a single piece of armor, why it wouldn't default to the next one with the lower priority. Seems unintelligent to me.



Remember that this is just a program and logic isn't something has :P


Without a script telling it to do this it doesn't know any better. It isn't the games fault as that is the way it was programmed.

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