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Facegen to nif to skyrim?


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Hi guys, so I'm trying to get a face I got from facegen on to my character, and also onto a custom follower that I made, anyone know how to go about it? I have converted the files from facegen into a .3ds file, I have then used the Nifskope to covert it into a nif file, the problem now is, how do I get the .nif file I've converted into the game? Any help would be appreciated!


So far here's what I've done, not sure if I'm doing anything wrong (or right lol):

1) Used Facegen to generate a face using a picture

2) Export said picture in .3ds format

3) Used nifskope to import the .3ds format and export it as a .nif file

4) Created a follower using CK, did the ctrl+F4 thing and exported the mesh.

5) Attempted to combine the two .nif files, but nothing happened.

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First of  as i saw Facegen have scripts for 3ds or nifskope.Ur obj in 3dmx can be exported as nif with niftools


Then make it " mask " armor  in CK to see if its visible in game. If its ok then you can make follower and export it with ctrl+f4 in actor window.In FaceGenData folder >ur follower you can simply open in nifskope and overwrite obj meshes from 3dm exort nif to CK exp nif. Of course you need right BSshaderProperty to copy for textures. 

I do hope you know some info what i wrote about  :) 


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