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CTD after talking to the Alik'ir prisoner


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I'm not sure how to get a copy of my mod list, my load order should be fine since I used LOOT, the papyrus log should be in my documents folder, if I'm not mistaken, but when I looked there I didn't see any logs (I'm not sure if I have to configure something for the logs or what but there weren't any logs). Anyway it might not matter anymore, I had recently installed Perma the perk tree overhaul mod, and then decided it just wasn't exactly to my taste, so I uninstalled it and started a new game (not that big a deal since I wasn't that far into the game to begin with). Anyway I'm thinking it might have had something to do with the mod Perma, as I didn't seem to be having that issue before. If the game is still crashing though I'll probably be posting here again.

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