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New adult MMO in the works


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What can you tell about the 'mmo'?


What I know so far:


Some detailed technical news about the coming MMO ! (for those wondering)


– Database global organization : members & characters first skeleton done.

- Technical interface & communication : taming the beast, but working good so far.

- Secularization : done as I go. (no ID, critical data or password client-side/traveling, + context double-check server-side on every call)



- Main menu : first draft in progress.

- Log-in, sign-in, disconnect : first draft working.

- Main character creation : starting context working, custom skeleton done, first useful draft in progress.

- To come : finish main parameters (player & main character), & first in-game screen/menu.



- New ragdoll engine : first draft done.

- Import engine, dynamic generation, definition and posing : first draft done & working. (gasp !)

- Linkage with database & core game engine : first draft working. (double gasp !)

- Dynamic modification/update : working/in-progress.

- To come : deeper linkage with core (gender change, dominant/dominee) second/secondary character handling.



- First generic ragdolls : naked male and female’s done.

- First poses tests done. - Alternate body types & fixes in progress.

- To come : first clothes, first bunch of customs.


FIRST ALPHA RELEASE OBJECTIVES : log-in/sign-in, main & secondary character creation, 1 race, a few customs, 2 or 3 poses, main game screen, 1 resource to farm, 1 dummy quest.


FIRST ALPHA VERSION COMPLETION : no-freaking-idea % (exactly)


Voilà, you know everything :D

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