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CPU is very loud.


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I have wrote this for a issue with my CPU.


(this whole post has been re-edited)

im pretty newbie about this whole build-your-own PC stuff.

literally only just got the proper system running couple days ago since then ive been testing the game for it to crash less.


But an Explaination for it to sound so loud would be nice since i'd like my computer not sounding like its gonna commit suicide.



My CPU is an AMD FX-6300 6core.

My GPU is Sapphire Dual-x r9 270x 4GB

My PSU is 500W Corsair (what ever prefix)




Also regarding this post before i re-edited the whole thing.

My skyrim runs max temp of 64c

is this fine/good or bad?

im crap at this stuff but when im not running skyrim is averages around 30-40c

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Those temps are a little high for an AMD brand processor, are you running a stock CPU fan assembly or using an after-market one? If a stock processor, might be why it's so loud. I'd get a good Zalman ball cooler and some Arctic Silver thermal paste and replace it.

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Using the stock cpu fan

ill take your cooler into consideration and re-apply thermal pasting thanks.


so my main problem is the CPU fan right..

Well due to my cpu reaching high temps i installed the Case fan closest to the CPU and also turned on a portable air conditioning havent tested the cpu temps. and yes i alrdy know im pretty much bottlenecking my system with the PSU


My main concern is will these temperatures have a long-term effect

AKA less CPU life. 

oh and i got concerns that some CPU coolers will not fit.

I am usin a small motherboard with a Zalman z9 Plus case.

my own GPU is about covers about 70% of the width of the case so id imagine a tall cpu cooler would not fit at all.

or like i said im not very experienced with this stuff, but i did notice that the current GPU i use is around 10cm tall and the cooler was about 13.5cm tall (Cooler master Hyper TX3), i chose this due to price and dimensions [ 13.6 x 9 x 7.9 ]

since im usin a small motherboard will this be a problem for my RAM slots.


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Wow dude that is wayy too hot for comfort. 37c-45c should be your ideal range. AMD's tend to run hotter then intels, im guessing you did the thermal paste wrong.  you either gobbed too much on didn't put enough on. its a delicate balance and needs to make good fluch contact to properly cool the processor. also when you have a beasly card in the case having a few case fans some blowing in and some sucking out, is always the way to go. Its ok it you run it upp that hot for short periods of time every now and then but game like skyrim shouldn't be pushing you to those temps.

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