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Cart is jumping and spinning as if it had to weight

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  :@  :@  :@  :@  :@  I installed the Sexlab, SOS, FNIS, Beastess mods among others then started a new game so that when the Rolof talk to me the cart starts to spin and jump as it were a ball without weight or were rubber, have tested all the mods and not could identify the reason that happens, someone has been there? managed to solve? help me !!!!!


The images that I put are the mods I installed ...






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This happens to me even with v-sync on. I get it when duel combat realism - hardcore is enabled when starting a new game, I have to install it when I get into the keep, instead. So I'm guessing it's also having too many scripts running at the start?

DCR might be in there, I'll let someone else look through the images for it.


Alternate Start can also be used to bypass the intro sequence.

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It is a known issue that the game doesn't handle mods well in the opening scene. Which is why mods like Alternate start are really popular. You can get it to work cause people use the vanilla start but the easiest fix is just use one of the alternate start mods.

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The mod that was giving problem was SOS - schlongs of Skyrim, but now when I go to pick up the armor of the dead guy in the beginning closes the game ... I think there must be something wrong with the male characters ...


I uninstalled SOS - schlongs of Skyrim is it that? does it have something to do with the meshes or textures of the male characters

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At least your load order is wrong. Unofficial patches are in wrong places. Files are not being overwritten in correct order and that will cause several problem. It might be the reason for this problem as well, although I can not be 100 % certain. It might be that several other files in your load order are in wrong places as well. Use LOOT to sort your load order.




Note: Pay attention to SOS. It is currently in correct position (regarding it's current condition), but LOOT often tries to place it after SexLab Framework. Usually this would be the preferred option, but SOS has currently an older version of PapyrusUtil bundled with it, so it needs to load before SL - because latter has a more resent version of PapyrusUtil bundled with it.

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Friend I'll try here, anything put the result in advance thank the effort ... So May short doubt, every time I install a Mod of LoversLab I need to start a new game?


No. :)


LoversLab mods are not any different from other mods in that matter. They behave like any mod you would find from Nexus. Just sort the load order with LOOT, when ever you have installed or updated your mods - and pay attention to installation order (NMM) or priority (MO) with mods that tell us to do so.


It is of course always recommended to backup your save files, before installing any script-heavy mods later in the game. There might be conflicts, or simply just too much going on for game to work properly.

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