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[Request] Lighter Female body texures for UNP?


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Right now i use DimonezedUNP for my females (shaved unp skinny) . But i find that most of the textures look too dark. I don't have a beefcake system so i don't use an enb. I want a "fair" looking varient. No massive bushy pubes just a normal female body texture that make it so i can see them in game. I use racemenu not ece. Any suggestions?

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Try the porcelain skin (very light, hence the name) or the fair skin pack. Maybe that's something for you. The question comes to mind what hinders you from using the search-function on the nexus.


I have many times. ive put in keywords such as "UNP" "SKIN" "BODY" "FEMALE" and much much more. it just seems the nexus search kinda sucks lol.  i had nothing check ed in seach parameters to keep it from filtering anything. I found a few tht seemed promising but all required ECE, i use racemenu with racemenuplugin. From my understanding these arent compatible. Also i did come across the porclinskin but the discription and photos kid of sucked as well lol. It doesn't even say if there are underwear on the txtures, pubes or anything also they support unpskinny but no mentioon of unpetite. (i'd assume that wouldn't be an issue thought)  It's a pain to find a decent body texture when nexus is so G-rated with its posts. Thanks for the suggestion. i'll tru it and hope for the best. but i am still open to more suggestions.

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OK, so its workd, but it chged all my femals to normal unp bodytypes. wich is kind of useless to me lol. i installed hmm what to wear and used all UNPetite clothing options, so none of the clothes fit my charecters. Why is it so hard to get skinny pale chicks with bubble butts in skyrim lol. Dafaqq =/

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I agree with nautica187, a lot of the popular and detailed female skin textures are a little or really dark. So the pale detailed skins are kind of hidden.

The real issue is the lighting system rather than textures, that's why enb makes such a huge difference.



Yeah thats definately the culprit. If your using a skin with subsurface shaders and no light is being cast on them it just looks too dark. I would love to be able to use an enb, but my system just wouldn't be able to cope.

Besides i've got bigger fish to fry. I've been battling random CTDs all week lol. i tried everything, its definatly load order related. i used loot to sort the order, ran it through tes5edit and fixed the things loot misplaced. then went over it another time shifting things i want to prioritize over eachother manually. ran that through tes5edit and made a merged patch then a bashed patch with wyne bash. Stil getting random CTDs, looks like i have to go and reread all the threads for my mods to sort out which ones specified needing to be at end of the load order. FML lol

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