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Help Assigning panties and bras different slots


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So I have been messing around with some mods trying to change the panties and bras to be... well normal panties and bras. Example, if you take off your armor you have panties on, then you can remove the panties and be nude. I've tried 60 Misc and 45 unassigned, all they do is make my body invisible. Any help is appreciated.


Also if anyone knows how to convert the DEM Lilith panties and bras for use on other models than Demonica that would be great too!

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I'm no expert on this, but I seem to recall reading that, if you're going to change the slots that an armor uses, you have to change it in two places.  Failing to do so will lead to the issue with the invisible body part.


Unfortunately, I can't tell you where to make both changes, but hopefully someone will follow up with that info.

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open the mod of your armor in tesedit


in armor&armoraddon, select your armor, and copy paste it twice (into the mod)


rename one to armor name-pantie, and put 49 (or whatever you want) for the bsdismemberskin

do the same with the other one, name-bra, and put 48 (or whatever you want)

select your armor in constructible object, copy paste it, remove some materials, and put that in armature in armoraddon


now open the nif, select the bra, and put 49 (or what you pick) in bsdismemberskin

do the same with bra


now you have 3 pieces, you can wear armor without bra&pantie, armor with pantie, only pantie...

and there's no need to keep the bra and pantie in the armor nif, copy paste that into another one, and edit the nif path in tesedit



and converting unp stuff to cbbe is the same as converting demonica stuff to unp, there are tutorials for that


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