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SKSE loads skyrim in the center between both monitors


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so i want to run the game in window mode and i dont care about borderless right now, so i changed the resolution to 1280 x 800 window mode. when i run the game without skse it runs it in window mode just fine, but when i run skse it runs it at that specific resolution but in full screen and makes half the game on one monitor and the other half on the 2nd monitor with a huge black border around the sides. pretty much the game is like a smaller box inbetween both monitors.  Not trying to run the game on both monitors, how do I fix it?

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Did you deactive the second display while the game was running (as you said you expected the picture to magically shift)? If you properly turn off the 2nd display (make sure that in Windows' own screen resolution settings regognize only one monitor present, by pressing detect) and THEN start the game, it should work fine with one monitor. If it still crashes, then you most likely need to change your resolution from Skyrim launcher (or edit the .ini file). This could also fix the problem without disabling the other monitor.

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