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Adding Zaz items to DD pool of items

Kombat Wombat

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I have searched everywhere for a mod that adds the Zaz restraints to the pool of items that are used in the Devious Devices mods, but i just cant find any. Can somebody point the way to a mod that does that (or possibly make one, if there isn't already a mod that does that)?


Just to be clear, the mod that i am looking for would make it so that the PC could get one of the Zaz restraints instead of or along side of the DD restrains when DD Captured, Helpless or any other mod that places restraints on the PC is activated.

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Armor zaparmor=Game.GetFormFromFile(0x???????, "ZaZAnimationPack.esm") As Armor

Armor ddarmor=Game.GetFormFromFile(0x???????, "Devious Devices - Assets.esm") As Armor


int itemcount=Game.GetPlayer().GetItemCount(ddarmor)


    int itemcount2=Game.GetPlayer().GetItemCount(zaparmor)


       Game.GetPlayer()AddItem(zaparmor, 1, True)


    Game.GetPlayer().EquipItem(zaparmor, true, true)



put that code either into onupdate() or wherever you want and replace ?????? with id numbers for the items


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