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alive peeing


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adds peeing to skyrim!
(attempts a bit more immersive experience than the already existing PrivateNeeds mod.. ;-) )
ZAZAnimation pack
run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after install...
press N to check bladder.  
1) bladder between 20 and 30, manual pee mode,
    Hold Q to pee, Release Q to interrupt
    Sneak + Hold Q to pee, Release Q to interrupt
2) bladder between 30 and 40, automatic pee mode,
   Tap Q to interrupt
3) bladder over 40 or a number of interruptions, burst mode
   No sprinting and running...
for a quick test, set the bladder manually in console,
set _AliveActivityPeeBladder to X
where X is the bladder value e.g. 35 
Zaz for the fluidity effect
Leito for the peeing animations   


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