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Return after a looong break, could use some help


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Hey guys!


I stopped playing Skyrim ages ago, but recently after seeing all the great stuff going on around here I've decided to install it again.


A lot has changed since i played it last, and I could use some suggestions on where to start and what to install. If you would please take the time to suggest your favourite mods (and preferably the essentials) in this thread I would greatly appreciate it :)

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Just go to the SexLab Framework download page and be sure to all of it's requirements. These will also be needed by most other mods as well. As for the adult content mods you need to just pick what you like.


I would strongly suggest using Mod Organizer instead of NMM or manual installing. Do yourself that much of a favor.

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What he said, and if you're looking for something in one spot, there's a link to the index in my sig ( I got tired of posting that thing 10 times a day  :lol: ) Much better than any one of us telling you what WE like, you can go hunt through for what YOU like :3

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