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[WIP/REL] Horse Cloak (w/ HDT physics)


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Horse Cloaks 




- HDT Physics Extension (Non-HDT versions available, still requires SKSE)



No special instructions. Just install like any other mod by adding the files to your Data folder. I have included 4 different versions so you can choose between HDT or Non-HDT, as well as either 1k textures or 2k textures.


This mod adds a variety of new Horse Cloaks to the game, available for purchase from Radiant Raiments in Solitude. I have set the value at 50g, but prices may vary.
To begin with there is a choice of 10 colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black and White. But on top of that, a further 14 cloaks can become available depending on what you do in your story. There's one for each hold, unlocked when you become Thane, and then one for each major faction (Companions, College of Winterhold, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood & Imperials) available when you join their ranks. (please note: Due to lack of inspiration on how to differentiate between the two, EITHER joining the Stormcloaks OR becoming Thane of Eastmarch will unlock the same cloak).
This was my first try with HDT physics and I'm quite happy with the results:

Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Video: YouTube



After buying one of the cloaks from the merchant, walk up to any horse with a saddle (not ones with imperial style saddles though) and activate it while sneaking. Three options will pop up: Equip Cloak, Ride Horse & Cancel. The last two are pretty self explanatory. When you press Equip Cloak, an option list is quickly generated from the cloaks you've got in your inventory and displayed. After you make your choice, the cloak gets equipped. If you sneak-activate a horse that already has a cloak equipped, the Equip Cloak option is replaced with a Remove Cloak option, and if you have other cloaks in your inventory at the time, then there will also be a Change Cloak option.
This mod avoids requiring making a bashed patch by instead adding the cloaks directly to the merchants' LeveledItem list at runtime. You must approach the shop from the outside in order for the cloaks to be added to the merchant's list, if you use the console to COC directly into the interior it wont work. If for some reason the cloaks are no longer in the merchants inventory (e.g. another mod has reverted the list to vanilla), outside the entrance, around the corner near some barrels and a woodpile is a button on the wall which should re-add the cloaks. Just press it, a message will pop up, then they should be back in stock on when you go back inside.
I'm going to go out on a limb here. Although I have not tested it myself, I have a strong feeling there shouldn't be any major compatibility concerns with Convenient Horses. The only area we may have a problem is with his horse armours, which is understandable.
If anybody runs into any other problems, please let me know either in the comments or through PM. If you can't get hold of me here, send me a PM in the Bethesda forum.


- SKSE Team - Without these new functions, Skyrim modding wouldn't be half as fun
- Schlangster & MrJack - For creating SkyUILib, version 1 is used in this mod
- HydrogensaysHDT - For bringing the HDT capabilities to Skyrim
- Canderes & necKros - Without your tutorial videos and MaxScripts I wouldn't have stood a chance with HDT


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it would be nice though for a tutorial on how to add HDT to meshes....

Their are tutorials already, I would've never had a chance figuring this out otherwise :P First of all, I would recommend getting used to the process of building your own custom armours (modelling, skinning, etc). Then it's just a case of adding a couple of extra steps to the workflow.


Then, install Havok suite on your 3DS Max, search this forum for the "Autopilot HDT", and watch the accompanying tutorial video. For the export settings, search YouTube for Canderes tutorials


That is just awesome, nice work!


Curious though, does this replace the horse mesh for those of us who use mods that already replace it (ex: More Nasty Critters or Horse Armors for Skyrim)? Or is this a separate thing all together?


But otherwise, awesome job. :)

Yes, because of clipping, I have to equip my own hairless horse skin underneath. In other words when you choose the equip option, everything except the eyeballs gets swapped one way or another.


As far as horse armour mods go, if they want to be compatible with Horse Cloaks they need to be using one of the many unused slots instead. The ones I'm using are the skin itself, then the saddle-cloak is in slot 45 like any other saddle, and the wrapped tail in in slot 46.


Hope you enjoy it!


- Hypno

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Thank you. This is really cool mod. I have tried it with Convenient Horses and seems it works good with it. You can wear at the same time the horse armors from CH and cloak and they are not conflicting. Some armors even looks very good with it.


Only small bug i have found - holds cloaks are not available to buy, disregarding to fact that my character already is thane of Whiterun and Solitude. She is a thane but she can see only default colored cloaks and College of Winterhold cloak in the shop, but no Whiterun and Haafingar cloaks.

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Sorry. But i have fixed your bug. I have changed in aahc_merchantbuttonscript.psc all "<" signs to ">" in all conditions for hold cloaks. Also changed given cloak for Haafingar because it was giving Reach cloak instead of Haafingar. With this fix hold cloaks can now be bought in Radiant Raiments if you are the thane of corresponding hold. Source code included.

Thane bug fix

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