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HDT + Enhanced Camera?


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i got no issues on ec 1.0 with 10-24 dll.it might be hdt some time stop working ,i got it when type ~showracemenu x2-3 times for screens.Camera is modded vanilla and nor anims nor camera can't conflict with hdt dll.Might some mods suppress your hdt or you don't have weightpainted breasts on body ?   

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In first picture, you had 2 skeletons selected. In second picture you only have the extended version selected. That is how you fixed it.

You should use only one. For HDT, use XPMSE- the one you have currently active. You should remove XPMS from your list, unless you require it for some other profile.

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I have the same problem.

Boobs are static in enhanced camera forst person, in 3rd person or in the mod "imersive first person view" the HDT works good.


@Warwolf: how do you chance the load order for this mod? Enhanced camera mod comes as .dll. there is no esp file witch can be placed to a order in nexus mod manager.


I have try to install older version of the mod enhanced camera, no result. Ihave also re-installed the HDT physic extension mod.

and i have only one skelleton installed.


some ideas?


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Immersive first person adjusts the third person camera so whatever you see in third person you see in First person using it, so you see hands. For 360 animations, if you use them, you probably also use Fnis. You can use it in conjunction with Fnis sexy move that gives your character a sexy walk without 360 backwards walking. Enhanced Camera uses first person and puts a body in your point of view. You'd have to find out which body it is, where it's being pulled out from and whether you can replace it with hdt. You'd be better off asking the author of the mod.

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I fixed it, but I'm not exactly sure how. After I installed FNIS, fiddled around with my install order and reinstalled the skeleton/body mods, picked different options etc. It began to work. Thanks anyway people!



^New install order


did you edit your SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini file?

maybe there are some settings needed there.


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